Death by Party Bangkok Buying Trip, Death by Party Buying Trip, Bangkok

Death By Party Buying Trip To Bangkok

So a few years ago Beth and I went on a tour of South East Asia. On our way to the infamous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, we stayed over a couple of days in Bangkok. We were seriously taken back by the street wear scene that we say on Khao San road. Amazing graffiti, amazing product and amazing prices. We had already been talking about going back for over a year, and then it struck us- Why not make this an exploratory buying trip for Death by Party? At best we can find stuff that you can’t get in the States and make enough vendor contacts to make this a regular thing. At worst- we spent two weeks in BANGKOK.

Trying to track down source vendors in these huge markets in a foreign city of 12 million people is pretty taxing. But we aren’t complaining, with a steady diet of Curry, sucker fish pedies Thai Red Bull and Thai Massages, we are doing ok. Oh and check out the pick of Beth bellow getting a traditional Buddist prayer, bamboo needle Tattoo.

By Robert Brown

Death by Party Bangkok Buying Trip

Death by Party Buying Trip to Bangkok

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