Death by Party Bali & Lombok Indonisia trip

Stopping Off In Bali For A Break

Not out to rub faces or create haters, but after all that time “working” in Bangkok, we bounced over to Bali. Our friend Jess is living in Vietnam and she met up with us. The party started again. Bali was fantastic, but we were only there for a few days. We hoped a fast boat over to the Gillie Islands off the coast of Lombok.

Gillie T felt like a set from a movie. Only 5 miles around. There are no motorized vehicles, no dog, and no police allowed on the island. Children highly discouraged. The only transportation was two wheeled pony carts and bicycles. Because of the abundance of cows and ponies, (shit) magic mushrooms grow rampant. Weed is openly grown & sold.

Every day we would wake to the sounds of roosters crowing, eat dinner to the sounds of Mosque prayer speakers, and go to bed with the sounds of Cheesy cover bands ringing in our ears.

What do you want do today? Go snorkeling? Drink a magic shake and lay on the beach? Nah, lets go get some grilled prawns the size of my fist.

Live by Party. Happy slow Death by Party.

By Robert Brown

Death by Party Bali & Lombok Indonisia trip

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