Death by Party Visits International Playground, Chromat, Daniel Palillo and Midnight Rider

We Went To NYC To Check Out Showrooms

My trips to New York are way too few and far between & I’m ashamed of that because it really is just a 2 hour drive or a$10 bus ride. We left early. Well- it was before 10:00 AM so it was early for me. The ride there is a blur. I can only recall delirium and hunger. Once we ate things became a little clearer and we were headed off to the first showroom. We had an appointment to see the Midnight Rider Spring 2014 collection at International Playground. What an apt name for a fashion showroom! It was amazing and I immediately wanted to play dress up. I finally got to see the Chromat cage pieces along with the pentagram swimsuits. Oh. My. God. We discovered Daniel Palillo & I got schooled on Nudie Suits. Before we left Jess & I picked our favorites from the Midnight Rider line and placed an order for spring. Hurray!!!! After that we were back on Fashion Ave at Kat Millic Sales. We found some leather vests that were to die for and if I’m lucky- there will be one hanging in my closet in no time. We were so caught up in the moment we ended up skipping lunch so I just bought some wine instead. We came home exhausted- and it seems like forever until I get my own Nudie. I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

By Beth Fox Brown


We Went to NYC to Check Out Showrooms

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