I want a scentee!, scentee,

I want a Scentee!

I’m a sucker for scented anything. I was the kid that couldn’t have the special markers in class because I used to color my tongue. Nothing makes me happier than when my house smells like food- especially dessert. If there’s a candle, spray or wipe that smells like cinnamon rolls, I own it. Leave it to the Japanese to give us some contraption that I definitely don’t need, but absolutely must have- the Scentee. All we have to do is plug this little gadget into the top of your phone & download the app and you’re on your way. Every time you get a text, Facebook like, Twitter share or anything like that- your phone emanates a special scent- whatever you want really, because the cartridges are interchangeable. It’s definitely incentive to work on my level of popularity. So- even though it might not be compatible with my Breathalyzer iPhone cover, I want a Scentee! I want it because I’ll leave a trail of deliciousness behind me wherever I go. AND I can just leave a little spritz in my wake when I decide to smoke the one hitter in public. See, it does have a practical use after all!

By Beth Fox Brown

Scentee for Iphones

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