Death by Party Beth

Death By Halloween

I feel like I’m in the wake of an atom bomb.  Halloween rolls into town, gets drunk, punches me in the face and sleeps with my little sister. It vomits on the floor of my life each and every year- leaving nothing short of destruction in it’s path.  I have very little recollection past a certain point in the evening, was asked to leave a pretty seedy strip joint and proceeded to pass out in a diner booth.  I stayed in bed for a full 36 hours afterwards, getting up for water & a grilled cheese exactly twice.  Watching horror films & getting laid.  It was bliss.  Every moment since then I’ve been at work or in school.  I spent yesterday picking up the pieces, scrubbing & sterilizing my most sacred of spaces- the kitchen.  I can’t tell you how cathartic it all was.   Robert cut out of the office early and helped- and my life is now substantially freer of cat dander.

So the party’s over for the moment, but that’s OK.  I’m happy taking a break and getting recharged for a minute.  To be honest, I have one more thing to be afraid of next Halloween…  Myself.

Beth Fox Brown

Death by Party Beth

Death by Halloween

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