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White Denim: Rock and Roll is here to stay

I love rock and roll. Lately it seems that less and less bands are hitting the scene that can actually rock it. White Denim is one of those rare bands that not only invoke the spirit but also fuse it with impeccable musicianship.

Many of my readers know that at times I like to incorporate the subject matter of my blurbs within short stories or existential tangents. Today is one of those few straight-forward exceptions where I urge anybody who loves the spirit of rock and roll to simply check all the good stuff these guys have churned out since their first lp in 2008. If you don’t do it for me at least do it for the preservation of rock and roll.

At the very least take a listen to their latest release Corsicana Lemonade. I’m sure you can find a stream online. And when you’re done don’t forget to tell your friends about this great up and coming band. I know I’ll be on the lookout to catch these guys the next time they come into my town.

By Lou Cervantes

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