Fat Tony & Tom Cruz - "Double Dragon"

EXPerience Points: Fat Tony & Tom Cruz – “Double Dragon”

As of this writing, in a few days time, I will have received a particular parcel built up with bated breath in the mail- the XBox One. Congenial to this excitement is my fodder for this article: Fat Tony & Tom Cruz’ “Double Dragon”. As most of my confab constituents can agree with, they just don’t make games like they used to, but as many of us have noticed, there is a resurgence in old school titles. In this dynamic duo’s riding the beat of the Brothers Williams theme, rest assured ‘what’s old is new again’. Now how’s that for a bro-mide?

The co-op of rapper Fat Tony and producer Tom Cruz by way of Houston and Atlanta, respectively, take it back to the fucking basics with this jaunt of money, weed, liquor, women, transport, need, friendship and livin’. This can easily parallel the way things used to be for me. From the moment I could pilot my own ton of metal on the road, I’d test my mettle at the arcade, piloting whatever. This wasn’t only to impress a girl slung over my shoulder, in bated breath to see if I could defeat the boss or emblazon my initials on a litany of gatekeepers. This wasn’t only to earn my occasional swig of vodka or puff of stank. No. This was also to garner a modicum of friendship amongst a constituency that shared in the communal necessity of one-upsmanship, and at that juncture in our lives, such was labeled ‘livin’.

Looking back now on those halcyon days on this eve of my acquisition, I realize how magical the analog interaction within gaming once was. This is not, in any way to discredit the current avenue with which we get our proverbial competitive jollies. We are embarking on a new frontier. In fact, we’re not only graphically and plot-driven more advanced, but also cheaper sans being worse for the ‘ware. To put this into perspective, Street Fighter II, when initially released for console at the time was $74.99. Today, I can purchase a pack of Marlboro 100 Lights for nine, eighteen more than I procured whilst spending the same amount trying to earn just two, buy a bottle of Seagram’s London Dry for seventeen and spend ten bones on the DLC Double Dragon: Neon only to censure my friend on Live as to why he I need him to not blow on his duty of duEXPerience Points al-assailing Abobo. That still leaves me with thirty-nine to employ and apply as I so please. The value of how this evolution all came to pass, though, is priceless.

Addendum: For all of you Sony sycophants, I’m not keeping said Xbox One. For all of you Microsoft miscreants, I am quite happy with my 360 right now. I merely purchased the Day One edition to flip for a profit.. and I think at the end of the day, all of us can concur that the legitimate endgame for any player is to obtain that extra Coin.

By Robert Kijowski

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EXPerience Points: Fat Tony & Tom Cruz- “Double Dragon”

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