Creepy Doll Compact Case

Creepy Doll Compact Case by Chatuchak BKK

Creepy Doll Compact CaseI’m absolutely in love with the Creepy Doll Compact Case we found in Bangkok. I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I have a minor obsession with the Blythe dolls from 1,000,000 years ago.  Well, really from about 50 years ago, but it’s kind of all the same when you still weren’t born.  Anyway- these dolls were the greatest.  Totally creepy in a not supposed to be creepy kind of way. The 3D acrylic, orange colored eyes do it to me every time. It’s like they’re staring right through my flesh and into my soul. And to think, Blythe was a comfort to little girls everywhere from the years of 1972 to 1972. Yes, that is correct, she was only around for a year. But, cults have formed in shorter time over less, so- I don’t know if it’s at all surprising that a cult of 50 something single women regularly create wigs and outfits for the defunct dolly. But back to the compacts. I love looking at the open and shut hologram eyes and feeling slightly disturbed, which is exactly what happens each time I pull it out of my bag.  I think I need to start wearing cheaper lipstick so I can reapply more often- ergo, fawn over my awesome compact more often. Every time I take it out someone asks me where I got it- even old ladies seem 88% less frightened to chat me up. So- if you scare old people and you’re really into creepy dolls, maybe you’ll want to grab one of these gems while they’re still available.

By Beth Fox Brown

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Creepy Doll Compact Case by Chatuchak BKK

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