Death by Party at MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas


Death by Party at MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas

Vegas, Baby.

Our first trip to MAGIC was debaucherous. And, while it wasn’t our first trip to Las Vegas, you would have sworn otherwise. My most vivid memory of the night is falling down drunk in the middle of a casino floor and proceeding to crawl to the elevator, a bag of cheeseburgers in hand. A lot of people will tell you that Las Vegas is overrated. But, if you’re the kind of person that’s into free booze at bars that never close, constant partial nudity and a lack of regret, Vegas is your town.

This most recent foray into retail fashion madness was far less hung over, slightly more organized and way more productive. Navigating 6000 brands over numerous buildings each spread over acres and acres can be a little daunting. And then we found out there was another convention, and it was just as big. The whole thing started all over again. Finding an awesome new vendor is like a treasure hunt. Sorting through miles and miles of clothes in order to decide what you think people will want to buy in 6 months is like playing craps. So- even though we didn’t lose our shirts in the casino- we did plenty of gambling.

We found tons of stuff worth getting excited about. The Twisted Fuks guys were awesome- the kind of dudes you want to hang out & smoke blunts with. We bought some adorable dresses from the peeps at Hips & Hair. Midnight Rider reminded me of going home to Pennsyltucky & they’re the kind of clothes you can live in. So, even though I’ve since become vegetarian-meaning cheeseburgers were out of the question (and we were getting up at 6:00 AM so the drunken crawl was out as well,) we managed to find time for a little fun. We bought a bottle of whiskey, threw it in a brown bag and walked miles down the Vegas strip. People watching, getting more and more drunk and finally hopping on public transit to go to the old end of town.

It gets a little foggy after that. We finished the night at Hogs & Heifers and took the bus back to the hotel. I proclaimed that Robert would not be “fucking me in the face” later in the evening while in the company of about 15 or so convenience store patrons. All the while insisting on purchasing a couple of airline sized bottles of Jack Daniels- because I had morphed into Boozilla and more whiskey was exactly what I needed.

The flight home sucked and I couldn’t wait to be on the sofa with our cats. But, we effectively doubled our inventory in a span of 3 days. I feel like we won the battle and slayed the behemoth that were the Spring/Summer 2014 tradeshows. Now I’m just gonna need some bitches to get their shop on. Pretty please???

By Beth Fox Brown

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