Milos Rajikovic Gif Art

Milos Rajikovic Gif Art- My Brain Just Melted Out My Ears

Soooo, how about some Gif Art?

Ok, when I saw “Sholim” I was SO not prepared. Milos Rajkovic aka Sholim’s animated GIF collage work is overwhelming to view at first. Each piece has the same collage style but in reality each piece has its own identity. It’s kind of really, really INTENSE. I’m contemplating if now is the correct time to enjoy an adult edible and toke. Probably is, definitely is, but i’m kind of freaking out man, in a good way.

Sholim’s first couple pieces on his official TUMBLR actually boggle my mind, although I suppose interpretation depends solely on the viewer anyway – and my assumption is, THAT is the point. Otherwise what possibly could be the point but to give you nightmares. (Things without faces, you know). I’m not going to even try to decipher each single piece because I believe each person should view and figure it out on their own, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so read this and get on it!

However the “SELFIE” pieces jump out as not only truthful but amusing in their layout. The faceless portraits portray the inner workings of what seems to be mot important to these subjects in particular. Maybe – definitely able to relate for most people, sadly. Some of the inner workings are controlled by multiple muscle men/women, ‘working out’ the gears of the brain where as the heart is kept secluded or separate. For the females the cycle of cats, java, shopping, beauty on rotate. I suppose most of this is true, why does it have to be on the top of thought though? And so the piece makes you think…

“Christmas Time” is a personal favorite because it makes sense right off the bat for me, at least. A Santa shitting into a box via tubes, because we all know that holidays are totally ruined and have no meaning anymore. Although, shit in a box definitely means something… so again i’m left to think. I find myself going back to previous pieces often because one thing leads to another and I have slight ADHD and my brain wheels start going and then they fail and then…. I come to the realization that all of these pieces are based off of showcasing how most of our minds are based from greed and obsession and then I proceed to get sad.

It makes sense. Art of any sort is meant to cause emotion, good or bad. It’s meant to intrigue, if you hate it, well then, GOOD. Success of the artist depends on your braincells actually doing something when they observe the art.

So, well done Sholim, because my brain sure is on fire (for many reasons) but I can’t get these seemingly eerie yet surprisingly accurate GIFS out of my mind. I HIGHLY suggest taking a gander for yourself, maybe you’ll get some in depth self realization out of it. Perhaps you’ll just get lost in a bad trip. Death by Party and Sholim can not and will not be held responsible… Just saying.

By Keycifer Blakk

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