Catula Pullover Womens Pull Over Sharp Shirter

Catula Raglan By Sharp Shirter

Catula Pullover Womens Pull Over Sharp Shirter
Ooooh we love Sharp Shirter

Catula, UNDEAD! For that year round, spooky weird – cat lady type. If you’re not sure weather you want to represent Lord Dracula or the Mister Goth kitty, try this on for size. The perfect blend that will get the stares and / or laughs you require. This CATULA raglan is the super cute yet dark look you’ll need for a quick cover up. Great and light weight enough to throw on for a night of creeping along the boardwalk but also can last you year round as a go to holiday sweater or for those days when you “Just Can’t Even”. My favorite? The full sleeves yet short length, making it a great versitile summer night through spring layers fantabulousness. If Vincent price was in cat form, he surely would love this representation. All Hail CATULA!

By Keycifer Blakk

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