Drag Race Portraits By Magnus Hastings

I Love Me Some Queens: Drag Race Drag Queen Portraits By Magnus Hastings

Drag Race Portraits By Magnus Hastings

Oh how I do love a queen. For as long as I can remember I’ve been channeling my inner diva. I remember when I was 14. I was friends with a sweet thing calling herself Miss Chris, or Miss Josaphine LaQueen, depending on when you asked. We would get drunk on blueberry schnapps and root beer and she’d parade me around bragging about how “draggy” I was for a little girl. At the time I had no idea what “draggy” meant- but I was shining with pride anyway.   Nobody would proclaim something with such a level of enthusiasm if it wasn’t a good thing, right? I’d find myself smuggled into clubs wearing matching outfits in full hair and makeup and drinking red deaths- all the while having no idea that this entire scenario wasn’t completely normal. Nothing makes you feel better than being told how fabulous you are and shown off like a trophy by big, sparkling, glamorous creatures that seem to only exist in the night. In retrospect I guess I was kind of like one of those big dress up dolls you have when you’re 6. Monday through Friday, I was a mousy high school freshman getting picked on by the mean girls. But, on the weekends I was mythical.

Doubtful it comes as a surprise when I say I have a special affinity for drag queens. Magnus Hastings is my kindred spirit. His latest show, “Why Drag?” is a spectacular. Hastings has been quoted as saying, “Drag is the creative love of my life. I view it as both a magical fantasy world and as an art form.” Oh Magnus, so do I my love. So do I.

By Beth Fox Brown

Photos courtesy of http://magnushastingsphotography.com

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