Ganesh Dress

Ganesh Tee Dress by Weed Clothing

Ganesh Dress

Just Had to have it. The Ganesh tee dress blew me away on many levels. Between the printed design, material and fit I’d say they hit the spot. The sweet spot! The representation of Ganesha was obvious, mix the good juju with a posi-vibe green flavor through the super comfortable fabric and there you have it! SUCCESS! Which IS the whole point when it comes down to Ganesha in the first place.

I had some fun with this already , as it is of course the perfect top for roof deck + sunset + best friend + meditation smoke sesh… I made her rock it out for shits and giggles and trust me a whole lot of AWESOME happened… as it always does but this time I blame the shirt.

Best Friend/Model- Camille Carroll Photo-ME!

By Keycifer Blakk

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