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Death by Party Model Go See



I’ve been spending all day trying to find a quote about beauty to use as an opener for this- but to no avail. It’s all about the beauty of the soul. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, true beauty comes from within. What a load of horse shit.

Perhaps I should explain. We’re gearing up for another photo shoot. Our go to fit model is preggers. Our other go to just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Our favorite male (who is a graduate of the Barbizon Academy of Modeling and Personal Development) moved far, far away to shack up with a guy named Zach in Asbury Park, New Jersey. We needed some more models.   I know this is going to sound shallow, but sometimes it’s hard to find an entire group of people that don’t look like someone pissed in their gene pool, so we broke down, called some modeling agencies and scheduled a go see.

So for two days, we cycled through 90 or so specimens with legs like gazelles and (hopefully) sordid pasts. We picked through info sheets and conducted mini interviews.  I am incredibly happy to say we stumbled across a few sweet (but still legal) young things and a couple of guys I’d totally have a beer with (but definitely wouldn’t let near my sister.)  All we have left is to grab a case of beer and a box of wine and we can get this party started.

By Beth Fox Brown

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