About Us

Meet the mom & pop that you don’t want your mom & pop to meet

Based in Philadelphia, Death by Party was soft launched in 2014 by Robert Brown and his wife Beth Fox Brown. This eclectic store has been put together by this eccentric couple because the Browns have one goal in life- to have a good time. They want you to have a good time too. Look good, feel good, enjoy this short life. When it’s all over they know you’ll have left a beautiful corpse if you trust in them to provide you with the right swag. So seriously, how do you want to go out?

Founder Robert Brown
Robert is a life long trouble maker weaned as a small child on the 80’s hardcore punk scene. He is a retired event promoter and an experienced fine artist who has exhibited in Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. He drinks buttermilk as a beverage, is sleeved in circus sideshow tattoos and is obsessed with collecting action figures.

Co-Founder Beth Fox Brown

Beth is a retired club kid and party girl, unabashed drag queen hag and fervent dirty martini drinker. She’s an experienced liquor consultant, costume designer & makeup artist who enjoys stopping strangers on the street to demand they acknowledge her shoes.



Death By Party: About Us