Catula Raglan By Sharp Shirter

Catula Pullover Womens Pull Over Sharp Shirter

Ooooh we love Sharp Shirter Catula, UNDEAD! For that year round, spooky weird – cat lady type. If you’re not sure weather you want to represent Lord Dracula or the Mister Goth kitty, try this on for size. The perfect blend that will get the stares and / or laughs you require. This CATULA raglan […]

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I Love Me Some Queens: Drag Race Drag Queen Portraits By Magnus Hastings

Drag Race Portraits By Magnus Hastings

Oh how I do love a queen. For as long as I can remember I’ve been channeling my inner diva. I remember when I was 14. I was friends with a sweet thing calling herself Miss Chris, or Miss Josaphine LaQueen, depending on when you asked. We would get drunk on blueberry schnapps and root […]

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Milos Rajikovic Gif Art- My Brain Just Melted Out My Ears

Milos Rajikovic Gif Art

Soooo, how about some Gif Art? Ok, when I saw “Sholim” I was SO not prepared. Milos Rajkovic aka Sholim’s animated GIF collage work is overwhelming to view at first. Each piece has the same collage style but in reality each piece has its own identity. It’s kind of really, really INTENSE. I’m contemplating if […]

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