Goodie Two Sleeves

Goodie Two SleevesĀ® started in 2002 by two teenage friends with one goal in mind; Make awesome, clean, funny t-shirts. After seeing too many vulgar and low-brow ‘funny’ tees, Goodie Two Sleeves (The ‘goody two shoes’ of t-shirts) was founded to offset the dirty shirts with clean ones. The first store to carry the brand was a local friend’s punk rock store. The second, was Hot Topic with a nation-wide program. Within their first year, Goodie went from hustling shirts out of the trunk of their beat up car to being carried in stores like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and Hot Topics. By their second year their cheerful shirts were found around the globe in popular stores including Journey’s, CCS, Delia*s, TopShop, Bank Fashion, and Zumiez. Today, Goodie Two Sleeves offers a wide variety of quality products and licensed goods to thousands of retail locations around the world.

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