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Thank God, Death by Party is starting to shoot product again

Death by Party photoshoot

I love organizing. I love making lists, finishing things, throwing things away… Simplifying. Sorting through the models for the next photo shoot wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. We really did get a ton of gorgeous people! After hours of haggling, we FINALLY came to a compromise and picked two girls and […]

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Death by Party at MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas

Vegas, Baby. Our first trip to MAGIC was debaucherous. And, while it wasn’t our first trip to Las Vegas, you would have sworn otherwise. My most vivid memory of the night is falling down drunk in the middle of a casino floor and proceeding to crawl to the elevator, a bag of cheeseburgers in hand. […]

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New Hips and Hair Shipment Sneak Peek!

Hips and Hair Sneak Peek

Annnnnd just in time for our official site relaunch, we got in our shipment from Hips and hair. We scored some intense tee shirts from these guys as well as our first winter hat. These make me super fucking happy. Hopefully we can get them shot and up on the store just after Thanksgiving. Keep […]

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Sneak Peek At Death By Party Store Merch While Robert Recovers

Death by Party merchandise sneak peek, sneak peek at death by party store merch, new merchandise at deathbyparty.com

So, Robert is sort of back on his feet, in that he can physically stand on his feet. His breathing doesn’t sound like he’s sucking on a bong, and he’s actually sleeping. So the down side is we may have lost an opportunity with the first sponsored party, the upside is it’s because Robert wore […]

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Sneak Peak At Our Bangkok Clothing And Accesories Finds

Death by Party Bangkok merchandise sneak peak

So we’re back from our buying trip to Bangkok. It was a 26 hour flight, with a 2 hour delay in Tokyo and a 2 hour delay in NYC. Crossing 12 time zones West to East is a crippling jet lag but we don’t have time to wait to recover. The first party we are […]

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